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Wellbeing Mobile App

Project X is a wearable-enabled mobile app to incentivise physical and mental wellbeing through meaningful experiences and data-driven solutions.


It offers a holistic approach to health, seamlessly integrating physical and mental wellbeing by enabling users to track activity metrics and monitor emotional patterns, empowering them to take proactive steps towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Mobile app development for iOS and Android.

Data Analysis
Machine Learning


Product Designer & Manager

During my placement, I managed the entire product design process, starting from comprehensive market research, and conceptualizing wireframes or high-fidelity UI designs to overseeing the final app implementation.

Throughout this project, I took on the responsibility of translating the client's vision into meticulous product requirement documents, while effectively communicating and guiding the software development teams to bring this vision to life.


Stage 1

Market Research

Goal Definition

Stage 2

Features Definition

UX Research

UI Wireframes

Stage 3

Visual Design Research

UI Design

Stage 4

Project Management

System Architecture

Stage 5

Iterative Testing


Client Team
Product & Design Teams
Engineering Teams
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