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Myo Band:
Innovative Control Systems

The Myo band by CTRL-Labs revolutionizes control interfaces and interactions. By detecting muscle movements' electrical signals, users can effortlessly control devices and applications through intuitive gestures and motions.

As part of the organisation committee, I delivered a workshop to allow postgraduate researchers to learn about innovative control systems for mixed reality applications. The workshop took place at the 2021 Wearable Robotics Summer School (Madrid, Spain).

Software Development
Experience Design

Languages: C# (Unity), Python

What did we do?

Sample Archery Game 

I guided the team working on the implementation of the Thalmic Myo Band device with available Unity-based games. 


In the sample video, swipes to the left or right control the rotation of the player avatar, and performing a fist gesture shoots arrows.

Developer Resources

To facilitate initial gesture classification and data analysis, I prepared comprehensive Unity resources to collect and record the wearable's muscle activity data (sEMG) into CSV files.

Resources: 🔗 Unity EMG Recorder 


2021 Wearable Robotics Summer School

I was honoured to be part of the organisation committee for the international postgraduate research school in Wearable Robotics, which took place in Madrid, Spain.


This unique program provides a platform for PhD and MSc researchers to gain invaluable skills, learn from industry experts, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts in a dynamic and immersive environment, filled with exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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