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etee by TG0:
Next-Gen VR Controllers

The eteeControllers allow you to effortlessly translate your natural finger movements and pressure into intuitive interactions across the digital landscape. 

As the Applications Lead, I direct the release and maintenance of multiple shipped software projects. A major focus has been the creation of APIs to drive cross-platform integration of our devices.

I also work collaboratively with designers and product managers, assessing feasibility and feature priorities for the upcoming launch.

Software Development
Experience Design

Languages: C++, C# (Unity), Python

Technical Products

Driver for SteamVR Platform

Custom driver to integrate our controllers into the SteamVR platform.

In this video, we showcase the finger-tracking and pressure-mapping capabilities of the controllers in the Moondust Demo Game.

Developer Resources: APIs

We are investing in a series of developer resources to allow makers, enterprises and academic collaborators to easily integrate our controllers into their projects, expanding the etee community beyond VR.

Current APIs: 🔗 Python API , 🔗 Unity API

Experience Design

VR Environments & Experiences

Reimagining virtual reality experiences, from visual design to user experience and interfaces. Design exploration tailored to beginners and new technology adopters.

Company Representation

I have also been able to represent the etee brand in several events and conferences, including 🔗 MedTech FUTURES Conference, 🔗 Centuro Global Expansion Conference or EGX London.

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